Mad Tea Party with Any Beny Club and Gift of Life Charity

Dear all!

Welcome to Any Beny Club Mad Tea Party, which we are hosting together with Gift of Life (Подари Жизнь) Charity.

The Mad Tea Party is an international event organised on the 26th of November. On that day, Gift of Life invites everyone to gather around cups of tea and make donations in aid of Gift of Life to support children and young adults up to 25 from Russia who are suffering from cancer.

On the 26th of November (or near this date), gather your friends, colleagues or neighbours to have a cup of tea and make a donation to help pay for treatment for the children in our care! You can create your own Mad Tea Party anywhere. Choose your own treats – from cupcakes, bagels and profiteroles to pasties and pirozhkis. And it doesn’t even have to be tea – coffee or even kefir will work just as well! Hats are optional! The only requirement is that you have to do it on the 26th of November (or 24, 25, 27…), and you have to have fun and help others.

Join our Any Beny Club Mad Tea Party at our sessions on the 24th, 25th and 27th November. Absolutely delicious (although pretended) tea and cupcakes are guaranteed along with funny games and happy tunes. You can make your donation here or put it into the charity box at any day of our Mad Tea Sessions.

Share this information with your friends, organise your own tea party. Lets help children together!

Дорогие друзья!

Any Beny Club принимает участие в акции благотворительного фонда Подари Жизнь (Gift of live) и проводит Безумное чаепитие. Даже целую череду безумных – игрушечных – чаепитий на наших занятиях 24, 25 и 27 ноября.

Вас ждут забавные игры, воображаемое угощение и веселые песни.

Акция направлена на сбор средств для фонда Подари Жизнь, которые пойдут на лечение детей, больных раком. Внести пожертвование можно вот здесь или положить в коробочку непосредственно в день занятия.

Расскажите об акции друзьям, устройте свое безумное чаепитие!

Давайте сделаем вместе хорошее дело)

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