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Our aim is to encourage children to communicate in Russian language while playing games and doing some physical or motor activities. We want our students to enjoy studying Russian language while having fun, without any pressure or struggle.

To check out our Timetable press here. With any queries please fill in the form below or email us on AnyBenyClub.@gmail.com. Old good facebook page is also here.

Want to know more about our team? Look up below. Once upon a time there were three co-founders … Aleksandra (Alya) Vereshchetina — leading tutor, Olga (Olya) Matveeva — musical mentor and Irina Bednaya — inspiration of the whole club.

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img_4041Alya Vereshchetina: Hi! My name is Alya. Trust me, I’m a lawyer. And I’m a mom of wonderful boy Ilya. Desperate to find Russian play and learn classes of my dream, I was eager to create such one and was exited to join Any Beny Club.

And why not? I always loved to organise events for children (from theme parties for friends and family to children’s matinee as nursery volunteer). I tread the boards at school, and I miss it so much now. Now I love to be a mom, and I find much amusement in playing with my son and his friends, reading children’s books (“Harry Potter” 4ever) and watching cartoons (“Winnie the Pooh” produced by Soyuzmultfilm is my favourite!).

So I have golden opportunity to combine my theoretical knowledge from the mountains of wise books and my practical experience. Lets have fun together!


Olga Matveeva: I am always enjoying working with children. Music is my absolute passion. I graduated from Arts and Music School with distinction, spent some time working as a musician in the child nursery in Russia.

After moving to the UK I worked at the Russian School as a teaching assistant and a music teacher. At the same time I started private tuition. Honestly, the youngest players are the most rewarding and exciting audience as they are sincerely interested in everything new, eager to learn and to have fun. Our new project is an exciting opportunity to give children necessary music and cultural experience.

By the way, my favourite Russian Cartoon is “The Nutcracker” mostly for its beautiful arrangement of colour and the wonderful music of P.I. Tchaikovsky. For those amazing combination I adore all Hayao Miyazaki’s and Joe Hisaishi’s works, especially “My neighbour Totoro”.

093A9773Irina Bednaya: I am a language teacher, a singer, a writer and an artist. I taught English as a second language in Moscow both for children and adults.

In my “previous life” I have also been a lawyer and a programmer. Volunteering for charities and managing projects at the children’s orphanage I realised it is important to make a positive impact on the life of other people.

Now I am a mother of a wonderful baby daughter. I love her “to the moon and back” despite all the sleepless nights and teething days. We read books together and build pyramids and sometimes we watch Russian cartoons “The kitten named Woof” and “A penguin Lolo”.

In one of my daughter’s quiet nap times I have got an idea of creating Any Beny Club – a place for parents and babies to play and learn Russian language together. With traditional Russian nursery rhymes and songs language comes naturally and stays for a lifetime.

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