Irina Bednaya


I am a language teacher, a singer, a writer and an artist. I taught English as a second language in Moscow both for children and adults.

In my “previous life” I have also been a lawyer and a programmer. Volunteering for charities and managing projects at the children’s orphanage I realised it is important to make a positive impact on the life of other people.

Now I am a mother of a wonderful baby daughter. I love her “to the moon and back” despite all the sleepless nights and teething days. We read books together and build pyramids and sometimes we watch Russian cartoons “The kitten named Woof” and “A penguin Lolo”.

In one of my daughter’s quiet nap times I have got an idea of creating Any Beny Club – a place for parents and babies to play and learn Russian language together. With traditional Russian nursery rhymes and songs language comes naturally and stays for a lifetime.

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